Today’s Specials


*Healthy Eats Specials*


Goji Berry Salad


  • Fresh Romaine, Goji Berries, Cucumber, Local Sprouts, Sliced Oranges & Sunflower Seeds in Orange Vinaigrette. $10.00


PULP Salad

  • Kale, Apple, Fig & Pumpkin Seeds with a homemade Lemon Vinaigrette $10.00

Cucumber Gazpacho

  • Cucumber, Red Onion, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Diced Heirloom Tomato, and Garlic. $4(Cup) $6(Bowl)

Vegan Caprese Flatbread

  •  Vegan Mozzarella, sliced Heirloom Tomato, Locally Grown Basil topped with Organic Olive Oil  $13.00

Basil Pesto Flatbread

  • Basil Pesto, Goat Cheese, and Apricot. $13.00

Fig Jam and Vegan Ricotta Flatbread

  • Homemade Fig Jam Topped With Our Savory Vegan Ricotta, Sautéed Onions, and Granny Smith Apples. $13.00

Vegan Mac & Cheese

  • Pasta tossed in our house’s specialty vegan cheese. $10.00

Vegan Pulled “Pork” and Cornbread 

  • Homemade Vegan Cornbread piled high with Jackfruit Pulled Pork and Pineapple topped with Vegan BBQ Sauce  $10.00