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Healthy Habits Start Here

Our mantra, “Healthy Habits Start Here”, represents the healthy lifestyle choices that we believe to be the foundation for a way of living that facilitates a positive mindset.  All of our ingredients are “Back To Basic’s Underground”, which come from the source of everything: The Ground.  Our menu consists of raw juices, smoothies, and healthy eats.  We’ve taken plant-based ingredients that are 100% fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices that will leave you yearning for more.  We do our best in maintaining organic and locally farmed ingredients for any and all products.

Asbury Park NJ Smoothie Bar

Back To Basics

Pulp uses the best ingredients to make our fresh raw juices, smoothies, and vegan treats. All of our baked goods are made at Pulp by Risè. We feature daily specials, from homemade soups and salads to our toast specials on homemade bread.

Consistency is the key. We carefully portion every ingredient so that our customers know they get the same great taste in every cup. And we never use preservatives or add any sugar.


*Seasonal Drink Specials* Peaches & Herb Peach, Mango, Basil, Ginger and Lime with Coconut Water. 16oz $10.50 Black Velvet Cherries, Dates, Strawberries and  Chocolate Hemp Protein with Oat Milk. Topped with Cinnamon. 16oz $10.50   *Daily Toast Specials* Always Served On Our Homemade Bread Gluten-Free Options Available Avocado, Cayenne, Sea Salt Avocado mash topped with…

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Have you had our homemade toasts? 🍞Check out our toast menu in our website!! Here we have the Mozzarella and sundried tomato 🍅 toast! We make our own bread and vegan cheeses!! #vegan #asburypark #avocadotoast #jerseyshore #veganeats #localfood ...

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We are looking for an amazing person to work with us in our kitchen… do you love healthy foods? Come by and let’s talk… we are open 8-4 Wednesday- Monday ...

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PULP Pulp Fiction Tees & Tanks are back and available in all sizes! 🍌🕺🏻 #pulp #pulpfiction #banksy
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Yayyyy today is Saturday!
Which means here @pulp_asbury we have BAGELS!!!! Homemade Local Vegan and made with much love by @bagelbandita …. TODAY & TOMORROW -JALAPEÑO CHEDDAR-
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Fresh Baked Bagels from @bagelbandita !!! ...

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FRESH VEGAN BAKED GOODIES! By the lovely @lotusandbear 💚
Get ‘em before they’re gone 🌞💫🌼😋

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